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2.3.7 Additional CloudCleaner flags
CloudCleaner checks a vCenter Server's security certificate the first time it accesses it. In UI mode, you can choose to ignore invalid certificates. You cannot elect to ignore security certificates in command-line mode, so CloudCleaner fails if it accesses a vCenter instance that it has not previously detected in UI mode. If you use this flag, CloudCleaner automatically ignores unknown and invalid security certificates.
When run from the UI, CloudCleaner first scans your vCenter instances and then shows you the results. After you are satisfied, the actual cleaning begins. CloudCleaner does two full passes through your vCenter instances and their entities. When run from the command line, CloudCleaner skips the scan and goes directly to the clean phase, doubling its speed. Although these two modes clean identically, you can pass this flag if you want to emulate CloudCleaner's scan-then-clean behavior.
If you want to test your command-line parameters without actually cleaning your vCenter instances, you can pass this flag. You must also pass the -slowCleanMode=true flag. Examples
Run and skip certificate verification (recommended usage):
$ java -jar cloudcleaner.jar -vcIpAddress= -vcLogin=administrator -vcPwd=secret -hostLogin=root -hostPwd=password -skipVerify=true
Do a test run (only scan, do not actually remove anything):
$ java -jar cloudcleaner.jar -vcIpAddress= -vcLogin=administrator -vcPwd=secret -hostLogin=root -hostPwd=password -slowCleanMode=true -scanOnly=true