2. VMware vCloud Director Server Resource Kit : 2.3 CloudCleaner
2.3 CloudCleaner
VMware vCloud Director works in tandem with vCenter Server to deliver a reliable and efficient vCloud experience for users. Starting with the bottom layer, virtual machines are deployed on VMware ESXi™ hosts. vCenter Server manages the hosts and monitors their usage and capacity. vCloud Director, in turn, manages and abstracts vCenter hardware concepts and concerns so that the user can request resources without concern about where or how they are acquired from the vCloud.
vCloud Director is the layer where organizations, users, vCenter instances, hosts, and other components come together in a vCloud. vCloud Director manages these resources well, and the system administrator can create, add, edit, remove, and destroy vCloud Director entities as needed. However, if you uninstall a vCloud Director, unneeded entities may be left on you vCenter Servers. Use CloudCleaner to clean up these unneeded entities.
CloudCleaner is a Java application, so it runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and any UNIX or Linux platforms that supports Java. When you use the CloudCleaner User Interface (UI) to enter your vCenter IP and credentials, CloudCleaner examines the state of your vCenter and provides a list of entities to be cleaned.