1. Overview : 1.3 Document Topics
1.3 Document Topics
The remainder of this document is divided into the sections listed in the following table.
Table 1. Document Topics
Introduces the core concepts of the vCloud solution stack.
Describes the components required to build a vCloud solution.
Provides guidance for configuring resources reserved for end-user workloads.
Offers design guidelines for partitioning and delivering vCloud resources relative to customer requirements.
Covers how to meter and charge for resources with VMware vCenter Chargeback Managerâ„¢ (a component of the VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite).
Provides information about extending vCloud Director automation through orchestration.
Covers multisite considerations.
Provides information about extending vCloud Director into the hybrid vCloud model.
Design considerations for availability.
Design considerations for security.
Design considerations for disaster recovery.
Design considerations for upgrading to vCloud Director 5.1.