Appendix C: vCloud Suite Disaster Recovery
Appendix C: vCloud Suite Disaster Recovery
Disaster recovery for vCloud Director is described as “DR of the Cloud.” It is full-site-based failover and recovery of the entire vCloud infrastructure, including associated vApps.
Because vCloud Director does not currently integrate with vCenter Site Recovery Manager, there is no obvious way to use vCenter Site Recovery Manager to protect a vCloud environment from a disaster scenario by failing the site over to a recovery site.
The VMware vCloud Suite assembles existing products together to facilitate disaster recovery of the vCloud from one site to another. See the following for more information about how this architecture supports disaster recovery:
*Overview of Disaster Recovery in vCloud Director
*VMware vCloud Director Infrastructure Resiliency Case Study
The following are the most important considerations:
*Stretched Layer 2 networking (see Using VXLAN to Simplify vCloud Disaster Recovery).
*IP address changes to applications.
*Force mounting of LUNs.
*Order of management startup after vCenter Site Recovery Manager failover.
*vApp startup with HA.
*Failover process steps, order of operations.
*Manual versus automated steps.
This vCloud solution as described covers only the main use case of complete site-based failover. It also requires the configuration to handle the failover of an entire provider virtual datacenter. It does not prevent a provider from having unprotected virtual datacenters
Dealing with vCloud disaster recovery has some design implications. Refer to your internal architecture documentation to understand vCloud disaster recovery design implications. If a vCloud design already exists, changes may need to be made to the design to support the current disaster recovery solution.