3. Cloud Computing and VMware vCloud : 3.4 Solution Area to Technology Mapping : 3.4.1 VMware Professional Services
3.4.1 VMware Professional Services
VMware offers professional services that align with vCloud use cases. These range from a proof of concept (POC) that might be used as a demonstration environment, to a production deployment that requires management, workflow automation, compliance enforcement, and validation. The following services are available.
*VMware vCloud POC Jumpstart Service – Provides knowledge transfer workshops and hands-on product installation, configuration, and use demonstrations for the vCloud solution.
*VMware vCloud Accelerator Service – Rapidly delivers a functioning VMware vCloud implementation suitable for deploying applications in a limited scale, pre-production environment. If all prerequisites are met, this service engagement can be completed in less than 30 business days.
*VMware vCloud Provisioning Accelerator Service – This is the vCloud Accelerator Service with the addition of VMware Service Manager™. Service Manager automates IT service management by providing a powerful workflow engine to drive IT service processes, enabling you to deliver and manage physical, virtual, and vCloud-based IT services in a standardized and scalable manner. Service Manager presents IT services to end users with a service catalog and automates the request process for provisioning vCloud resources.
*VMware vCloud Plan and Design Service – Provides a comprehensive architectural design for VMware vCloud that addresses the customer’s unique business requirements and operational demands, helping to pave the way to vCloud computing. This service is designed for enterprises that have a well-established, vSphere-based virtualization strategy for production workloads and that are ready to take the next step toward building their production vCloud infrastructure.
*VMware Operational Readiness for Cloud Computing Service – In this four-to-six-week engagement, VMware consultants examine existing operational practices to evaluate performance across more than 150 attributes in five key areas. They uncover unknown or hidden barriers to success and highlight areas where additional focus on people or process can deliver increased productivity, streamline operations, and improve overall vCloud solution results.
Services can be combined or customized to meet your specific requirements.