2. Using the vCAT Documentation Set : 2.1 Recommended Reading Order
2.1 Recommended Reading Order
The documents can be read in the order shown in the document map, or in the order recommended for a particular audience or role, such as one of the following:
*vCloud providers who provide the vCloud infrastructure and services. An architect has overall control over how a solution is designed and implemented in the environment.
*vCloud operators who are responsible for operation of the cloud. Operators are involved with the day-to-day running and administration of the vCloud environment. They need to understand operational procedures and how the vCloud components fit together.
*vCloud consumers who use cloud provider resources for application deployment. A consumer (organization or individual) is someone who consumes vCloud resources. Consumers want to run their workloads in the vCloud environment without concern for the underlying infrastructure or day-to-day administration.
*The following table identifies the recommended documents for each role.
Table 3. vCAT Audience Reading Guidelines