4. Organization Catalogs : 4.3 Working with Catalogs : 4.3.1 Browsing
4.3.1 Browsing
To simplify catalog browsing, use a simple, logical, and methodical naming convention for media files and vApp templates. Also consider incorporating vApp template name versioning to identify patch updates and service pack updates. This enables users to quickly find templates that meet their requirements.
Figure 5 shows the use of the search drop-down menu to filter and narrow results. In the example that follows, users seek Windows vApp templates based on a keyword search for “Win.” Because a logical naming convention is used, results are almost immediate.
You can search for a vApp template or media file based on Name, Status, Gold Master, Published, Owner, Created On, or Virtual Datacenter. You can specify that the search be conducted on All Catalogs, My Catalogs, or Catalogs Shared to Me.
Figure 5. Browsing and Searching Catalogs
Use the search drop-down menu to filter and narrow your search when creating a new vApp. While adding virtual machines to a vApp, you can search for existing virtual machine configurations that are available from existing vApp templates, as shown in the following figure.
Figure 6. Browsing and Searching for Virtual Machines During vApp Creation