4. Automated Import of Virtual Machines to vCloud Director : 4.5 Workflow: Import VMs to VDC : 4.5.2 Workflow Steps
4.5.2 Workflow Steps
1. Get all of the vCloud host’s vCenter Server systems.
2. Find the vCenter Server system that hosts the virtual machines to import.
3. Prepare the main loop for starting individual virtual machine import.
4. For each virtual machine, start the Import a VM with remapping networks workflow.
5. Check on the number of concurrent workflows started. If less than or equal to the number of concurrent import, determine whether any have completed, and report on the status. Then if there are more virtual machines to import, import a new virtual machine. If not, sleep 10 seconds before checking again the number of concurrent workflows started.
6. After all imports have been started wait until they are all completed.
7. Set the vApps output