4. Automated Import of Virtual Machines to vCloud Director : 4.1 Prerequisites
4.1 Prerequisites
The Mass VM Import package leverages the following components:
*vCenter Orchestrator 5.1 Server.
*vCenter Orchestrator 5.1 Client.
*vCloud Director 5.1.
*vSphere 5.1 Server.
*vCenter Orchestrator vCloud Director 5.1 plug-in.
Before being imported, the source virtual machines must be powered off.
vCloud Director has specific configuration requirements to support the use of this package. These requirements include the following:
*The vCenter managing the virtual machines to be imported must be attached, and it must be attached only to the vCloud host in which the virtual machines are to be imported.
* A provider virtual datacenter must be created in the same vCenter to enable virtual machines to be reconnected to their original networks.
*The provider virtual datacenter should be linked to a resource pool from the same cluster as the one where the virtual machines are hosted to avoid cluster-to-cluster migrations and to provide network consistency. It should also preferably use a storage profile containing the datastores used by the virtual machines to avoid datastore to datastore migrations.
*vCloud Director should be configured with at least one organization and its organization virtual datacenter should be partitioned from the created provider virtual datacenter. Optionally, the organization virtual datacenter may have organization virtual datacenter networks of type Direct connected to external networks using the same vCenter networks and distributed virtual port groups as the one connected to the virtual machines being imported.