2. Auto-Scaling and Cloud Bursting : 2.4 The Upscaling and Bursting Process : 2.4.8 The Add members to the LB Section
2.4.8 The Add members to the LB Section
The Add members to the LB section of the workflow adds members to the load balancer pool. The new members are the Tier 1 virtual machine IP addresses of newly added virtual machines and powered-on or newly instantiated vApps in the pool defined in the vApp scale and burst configuration.
Figure 6. Workflow Schema: Add members to the LB Workflow Steps
1. Get the vApp parent virtual datacenter and match it with the load balancer pool from the configuration.
2. Add members to the pool:
a. Connect to the load balancer.
b. Get the load balancer pool.
c. For each IP address and for each port, add a member to the pool. Error Handling
If adding members to the pool fails for any reason, go to the error handling section. Logs
Information: "Adding IP : [VM IP] port : [VM Port]"