2. Auto-Scaling and Cloud Bursting : 2.4 The Upscaling and Bursting Process : 2.4.5 The Scale a vApp Cyan Blue Section
2.4.5 The Scale a vApp Cyan Blue Section
The Scale a vApp cyan blue section of the workflow upscales a vApp by checking the virtual machine tier, getting the vApp Template virtual machine for this tier, verifying that the number of virtual machine instances for a given tier did not reach the maximum defined in the auto-scale and burst settings, and adding a template virtual machine to the vApp. If the virtual machine is Tier 1, the virtual machine IP addresses are collected to be added as new members of the load balancer pool.
Figure 4. Workflow Schema: Scale a vApp Workflow Steps
1. For each bursting virtual datacenter, get powered-on vApps.
2. Try to upscale the vApp as detailed above.
3. If successful, go to the get vApp Tier 1 IPs workflow.
4. If the maximum number of virtual machine instances has been reached, add the vApp to a blacklist.
5. If no vApp can be upscaled, go to the instantiate a new vApp workflow. Logs
*Information: "Searching for vApp Instances to upscale in [virtual datacenter name] "
*Information : "Unable to scale up the vApp: vApp [vApp.name] has the maximum number of tier [tiers] VMs, checking for other vApps instances" Error Handling
If a vApp cannot be upscaled, attempt to upscale the next available vApp. If there are no more vApps, get the vApps from the next configured burst virtual datacenter.