3. Services Automation Tools : 3.2 VMware vSphere Health Check Service and HealthAnalyzer Tool : 3.2.3 VMware HealthAnalyzer Requirements
3.2.3 VMware HealthAnalyzer Requirements
HealthAnalyzer is distributed as a virtual appliance (OVF) or Java app, and requires the following:
*VMware vSphere (4.0 or later), VMware Player™ (2.5 or later), VMware Workstation (6.5 or later).
*Web browser – Mozilla Firefox (3.0 or later), Microsoft Internet Explorer (7.0 or later).
*Adobe Flash Player (10.0.12 or later).
*Microsoft Word (2007 or later), Microsoft Excel (2007 or later).
*A vCenter account with read-only permissions for all objects and permissions to read diagnostics and license information.
The following figure shows a sample HealthAnalyzer report card screen.
Figure 5. HealthAnalyzer Report Card