3. Services Automation Tools : 3.2 VMware vSphere Health Check Service and HealthAnalyzer Tool : 3.2.2 VMware HealthAnalyzer
3.2.2 VMware HealthAnalyzer
VMware HealthAnalyzer is a software tool used during a Health Check service. Although HealthAnalyzer is usually used during a Health Check service, it can also be used at other times.
VMware HealthAnalyzer automates the collection of VMware vSphere inventory, configuration, and utilization data, analyzes data against best practices, recommends grades, and generates a report card that presents observations, findings, and data categorized by VMware Health Check best practices. VMware and partner consultants use the HealthAnalyzer web UI to review collected data, findings and observations, assign grades, make recommendations, and generate a Health Check Report.
VMware HealthAnalyzer is a Java web application also available as a virtual appliance (OVF). It can be configured and run on VMware Workstation, VMware Fusion, and VMware vSphere. At a high level, using HealthAnalyzer involves the following high-level steps:
1. Collect data from a VMware vCenter Server or ESXi host.
2. Create a report card where the tool analyzes data for a majority of the best practices.
3. Validate the recommendations provided by HealthAnalyzer.
4. Generate a final report.
Figure 4. VMware HealthAnalyzer Processing