2. Service Definition Considerations : 2.5 Security and Compliance : 2.5.4 Compliant and Secure Architecture
2.5.4 Compliant and Secure Architecture
All vCloud services offer a secure platform. VMware vSphere, a core building block, offers a secure virtualization platform with EAL4+ and FISMA certifications, and vCloud Director, a vCloud delivery platform, offers secure multitenancy and organization isolation. The vCloud Suite enables enterprises to exercise the defense-in-depth security best practice. The platform offers both per-organization firewalls and per-vApp firewalls, and all organizations are isolated with their own Layer 2 networks. Access and authentication can optionally be performed against an enterprise organization’s own directory using LDAP or Active Directory, which means that the enterprise can self-manage its user base and provide role-based access according to its own policies.