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1.1.2 Documentation Center Package
Click the video icon to view a brief presentation about the documentation center.
The documentation center package is a zipped package that contains a complete online help system that you can use to view all of the documents in the toolkit from an easy to use interface. It offers powerful features such as the ability to search through the collection of vCAT documents, display a pre-generated PDF of a document, and when served from a web server, access to Google Translate to translate displayed pages into dozens of languages.
NoteThe vCAT 3.1 Documentation Center is also served from a web site on vmware.com. Browsers
The documentation center works with the following browsers:
*Google Chrome (preferred).
*Internet Explorer. (Search operates differently. Click the magnifying glass to search, enter a search term in the resulting text field, and press Enter or click Go).
*Firefox (works well except for Google translate). Installing the Documentation Center
The documentation center package is large, so it is recommended that you download the package over a high-speed link.
To install and display the vCAT 3.1 documentation center
1. Download and unzip the package.
2. Double-click the index.html file to run it.
3. Allow blocked content, if prompted. Offline versus Online Capabilities
*If you install the documentation center package on your machine you can use the toolkit offline. For example, you can install it on your laptop computer and review the documents while you are not connected to the Internet.
*If you install the documentation center package on a web server, the interface provides additional capabilities such as access to Google Translate.
*The documentation center also optimizes the display for mobile devices. For example, using Safari on an iPad to access the documentation center works well. Using the Documentation Center
*Click the folder icon to toggle display of the navigation pane on or off.
*Enter text in the search field and click the search icon (magnifying glass) to search for it. This is a client-side search implementation that can be used online or offline. It does not allow Boolean expressions.
*If the documentation center is served from an Internet-connected web server, click the globe to display Google Translate. Select the language you want and click Translate. Each page is translated as it is displayed.
*Click a document in the navigation pane to display the sections in the document. Click a section to display content.
*Click the page forward or page back arrows to move from page to page.
*Click the print icon to print the selected page to a printer.
*Select any document section and click the PDF icon to view a pre-generated PDF for the selected document. You can print the entire document from the PDF.
*Click the email (envelope) icon or the link by the logo to send feedback to ipfeedback@vmware.com. The URL of the currently displayed page is automatically populated in the email Subject line.