Appendix G: Upgrade Checklists : Phase 1
Phase 1
Upgrade vCloud Director Cells
Verify operating system, database, and other component compatibility with target vCloud Director version. See the online VMware Compatibility Guide (
Obtain the updated vCloud Director installation package.
Back up vCloud Director configuration and response files.
Perform backup of vCloud Director database and vCenter database(s).
If multiple cells exist, use cell management tool to quiesce and shut down services on each server (see the vCloud Director Installation and Configuration Guide).
Upgrade vCloud Director software on all servers, but do not start the services yet. See the vCloud Director Installation and Configuration Guide for recommendations on minimizing the interruption of vCloud Director portal service.
Upgrade the vCloud Director database with scripts included in vCloud Director installation.
Restart the vCloud Director services on upgraded vCloud Director servers.
CautionIf Chargeback is in use, upgrade to Chargeback 1.6.2 or later before continuing to minimize disruption of metering service. Versions earlier than Chargeback 1.6.2 cannot collect data from vCloud Director. For details, refer to the vCloud Director Installation and Configuration Guide (