Appendix F: Business Continuity : Recovery
Prior to recovery, place the vApp in maintenance mode to prohibit users from performing operations that change the state of the vApp. After recovering the vApp, make the vApp available by exiting maintenance mode.
To restore vApps to a previous state, shut down the vApp and use the backup product to overwrite existing virtual disk files in the vApp.
Recovery of a deleted vApp requires re-importing virtual machines into vCloud Director as follows:
1. Import the first virtual machine into a new vApp, thereby creating the vApp.
2. Import the rest of the virtual machines belonging to the vApp.
3. Configure each virtual machine with the appropriate properties (organization virtual datacenter, the newly restored name, vApp network, and so on).
4. After all virtual machines have been imported, validate that the correct properties are in place (network connections, ownership).