9. vCloud Infrastructure Control : 9.1 Monitoring : 9.1.1 Management Cluster
9.1.1 Management Cluster
Design guidelines for monitoring the management cluster components are the same as the guidelines for monitoring vSphere components. A centralized monitoring tool such as VMware vFabric Hyperic HQ Enterprise can be used to monitor the core objects (Oracle Server, SQL Server, Active Directory Server, DNS Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server, and Windows Server) that are needed to run a vCloud environment. A customer can use SNMP and SMASH to monitor the hosts on which the vCloud Director cells are installed and running, but the vCloud Director application itself cannot be monitored by SNMP or SMASH. However, SNMP can be integrated from vCenter. Alternatively, cells can be monitored through integration with a third-party monitoring platform via JMX Beans. Beyond JMX Beans monitoring, the vCloud and vSphere APIs provide component, resource, and activity metrics that can be used for health and capacity management.