8. vCloud Operations Control : 8.3 Performance Management
8.3 Performance Management
Performance Management focuses on addressing vCloud performance issues in support of vCloud service offerings. For a vCloud provider, the goal of performance management is to avoid or quickly resolve performance issues in the vCloud infrastructure and meet the performance requirements for the services offered to their consumers. Monitoring is required for the VMware vCloud infrastructure to prevent agreed services levels from being breeched.
Although performance management is performed in the context of normal event, incident, and problem management, it is specifically called out in a vCloud environment because of its importance in persuading potential vCloud users that concerns about additional layers of virtualization and the vCloud have been addressed and that their SLAs will continue to be met. In a traditional physical environment, servers are typically oversized to such a degree on dedicated hardware that performance issues are unlikely to occur. In a shared vCloud environment, users must feel confident that the provided services will meet their needs.