7. vCloud Service Control : 7.1 vCloud Service Governance and Lifecycle Management : 7.1.3 Roles and Responsibilities
7.1.3 Roles and Responsibilities
The following are primary roles associated with Service Governance and Lifecycle Management:
*Service Portfolio Manager.
*Service Catalog Manager.
*Service Owner.
*Service Level Manager. Service Portfolio Manager
The Service Portfolio Manager role is the gatekeeper for accepting proposed services and constituent service offerings into the overall portfolio of vCloud services. Responsibilities include the following:
*Developing service/service offerings analysis and acceptance criteria.
*Reviewing and accepting or rejecting service proposals.
*Continuously reviewing the overall portfolio of services for applicability and demand.
*Providing initial service/service offering demand information for vCloud capacity planning.
*Authorizing a service owner to define and develop, or retire, a service or service offering. Service Catalog Manager
The Service Catalog Manager role manages the “active” service catalog component of the overall service portfolio. The active service catalog contains the definitions for those service/service offerings currently either under development or available to consumers for deployment. Responsibilities include the following:
*Maintaining information about services and service offerings contained in the active service catalog.
*Verifying service and service offering information is accurate and complete, and providing it to consumers through the consumer self-service portal. Service Owner
The Service Owner role has end-to-end responsibility for defining, developing, maintaining, and decommissioning a specific service or set of services and their component service offerings. Responsibilities include the following:
*Translating business requirements into a service definition.
*Defining service/service offering composition details, pricing, Service Levels, support terms and conditions, operational considerations, and any service-specific compliance requirements.
*Working with the Service Architect to translate the service definition into service design and development technical details.
*Managing development, deployment, update, and retirement of the services and service offerings.
*Tracking demand and service requests for service updating and retirement. Service Level Manager
The Service Level Manager role establishes and maintains SLAs, and reports on service level attainment. Responsibilities include the following:
*Developing Service Level Agreements for customers.
*Tracking and reporting on Service Level attainment.
*Developing Operating Level Agreements with the service provider in support of SLAs. Staffing Considerations
As with most vCloud operations-related roles, staffing depends on scale. Initially, the Service Portfolio and Service Catalog Manager roles can be provided by a single person. As the number of services and service offerings and the activities involving them increase, the Service Portfolio Manager and Service Catalog Manager may each require a person. The same is true for the Service Owner and Service Level Manager roles.