5. Organizing for vCloud Operations : 5.4 Evolution of Organizational Structure for vCloud : 5.4.1 Traditional Organization Structure
5.4.1 Traditional Organization Structure
The following figure shows an example of a traditional organization structure.
Figure 9. Traditional Organization Structure
C:\Data\aa_vCAT302\Graphics\Traditional Organizational Structure.png
This structure represents a traditional organization with two core groups: application development and infrastructure. The application development team is focused on application creation, and the infrastructure team is focused on managing hardware resources and daily operation of components. This model applies for most VMware customers, but there is limited focus on the cloud services. VMware associates this model with the reactive state in the vCloud capability model.
In the traditional organization there is limited focus on cloud management. Responsibilities for supporting the vCloud are typically handed by the roles that manage the physical and virtual world. This organizational structure has limitations and needs to evolve to fully realize the benefits of a cloud.