3. Process Maturity for vCloud Operations : 3.3 Evolution of vCloud Operations : 3.3.3 Tools
3.3.3 Tools
Management tools must mature to support the evolution of vCloud operations. VMware envisions a dramatic change in vCloud operational processes over time based on the evolution of vCloud management tools, an increasing focus on policy-driven automation, and management tool maturity. For example:
*Proactive operations move to predictive operations that directly impact how event, incident, problem, availability, and performance management are realized.
*Configuration management moves from being CMDB-based to a more virtualized, on-demand approach where configuration and relationship information is collected by multiple, federated configuration management systems that independently manage and interact with each other, and provide data to management tools as required.
*Service offering development evolves from static and discrete vApp-based development to dynamic, blueprint-based and policy-based vApp construction.
These capabilities, along with increases in operational efficiency, process and functional area consolidation, and zero-touch operations, all depend on the evolution of vCloud management tools and a focus on policy-driven automation.