1. Overview
1. Overview
Operating a VMware vCloud offers practical, operations-focused guidelines to help you implement a VMware® vCloud®. Based on the vCloud Operations Framework, the guidelines have the near-term goal of supporting Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) within a comprehensive, service-focused, operational framework. The long-term goal for IT operations is full implementation of IT as a Service (ITaaS), so this document also discusses many considerations with ITaaS in mind. These guidelines should be useful both to service providers and to enterprises.
The following vCloud documents are designed to be used together throughout the lifecycle of a VMware vCloud computing implementation. In combination with a service definition, these documents provide a comprehensive view of VMware vCloud computing.
*Architecting a VMware vCloud provides design guidance, design considerations, and design patterns for constructing a vCloud environment from its constituent components.
*Operating a VMware vCloud includes design guidance and considerations for operating and maintaining a vCloud environment. It covers the people, process, and technology involved in running a vCloud environment.
*Consuming a VMware vCloud covers considerations for consumers who choose to leverage vCloud computing resources.
Additionally, VMware vCloud Implementation Examples provides modular examples that show how to use VMware component software to implement a vCloud, and Workflow Examples and Software Tools also provide useful information for IT Operations.
NoteDetailed implementation procedures for installing a vCloud are available in the VMware vCloud product documentation (https://www.vmware.com/support/pubs/vcd_pubs.html).