7. vCloud Security Examples : 7.2 Single Sign-On (SSO) – Consumer : 7.2.4 Consumer Workflow Example
7.2.4 Consumer Workflow Example
The following shows what happens when you log in in as an end tenant.
To log in as an end tenant
1. Log in to vCloud Director which redirects to the NGC client login.
2. The login and authentication takes place on the NGC.
3. Organization Scope: vCloud Director redirects to your IdP, which is OpenAM in this example.
4. Organization Scope: OpenAM redirects back to vCloud Director, using the vCAT Organization in this example.
5. Install and configure the vCAT Organization Scope with a third-party IdP (which is OpenAM in this example).
6. Apply the Use SAML Identity Provider and paste the XML that you copied from OpenAM, and Apply the changes.
A Certificate Expiration option is also displayed. You can ignore the certificate generation, as this is only required if your certificate is about to expire (in one year).
The following figure shows this procedure.
Figure 37. Consumer Workflow Detail