3. Organization Virtual Datacenter Examples : 3.4 Service Provider Performance Offerings : 3.4.1 Background
3.4.1 Background
During any provider and consumer conversation, the topic of virtual machine performance arises. In some cases this is referred to as one element of a Service Level Agreement (SLA). In this document, the aspect of a tenant’s performance is examined in relation to the three allocation models.
NoteHigher performance levels are defined as guaranteeing physical resources from the provider virtual datacenter to the consumer. Actual virtual machine performance might vary based upon the application running within the virtual machine. However, guaranteeing required resource availability to a virtual machine provides the best performance.
We previously showed examples of how to create virtual datacenters based on various use cases. The intent in this case is to expand on the tenant requirements that may drive decisions to the different allocation models. Thinking about allocation models in the context of performance rather than uptime or availability is just another option.