3. Organization Virtual Datacenter Examples : 3.1 Pay As You Go Allocation Model : 3.1.2 Use Case
3.1.2 Use Case
A new customer known as Company2 is requesting resources on Company1’s vCloud and has asked the vCloud provider to obtain capacity in the Company1 vCloud. Company2 wants a model that provides the following:
*Paying for resources as they use them, and unlimited access to resources within their organization virtual datacenter.
*Very high performance virtual machines.
*Highest level of memory guarantees. Memory performance is a larger concern than CPU.
*Virtual machines with multiple vCPUs that have a minimum speed of at least 2GHz, and some level of CPU guarantee.
The Pay As You Go model was chosen because it satisfies Company2’s requirements and applies the resources the consumer wants the same way to each virtual machine they deploy. Assumptions
*Company1 has a single configured provider virtual datacenter.
*Networking is routed – vCloud Networking and Security gateways are deployed and configured after the organization is configured. Organization Functional Requirements
*100% memory reservation.
*Agreed to 50% CPU reservation.
*Minimum CPU speed 2GHz.
*Unlimited resources within the organization virtual datacenter.
*No CPU or memory quota.
*No maximum number of virtual machines.
*There are no specific storage requirements.
*Storage is thin provisioned.
*Fast provisioning is disabled.
Based on the requirements, Company1 will use the following settings to configure Company2’s organization.
Table 3. Company2 Pay As You Go Organization Settings
Memory Reservation
CPU quota
CPU resources guaranteed
vCPU speed
Memory quota
Memory resources guaranteed
Maximum number of VMs