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1.2.1 VMware vCloud Director
VMware vCloud Director further abstracts the virtualized resources presented by vSphere by providing the following logical constructs that map to the following vSphere logical resources:
*OrganizationA logical object that provides a security and policy boundary. Organizations are the main method of establishing multitenancy and typically represent a business unit, project, or customer in a private vCloud environment.
*Virtual datacenter – Deployment environments in which virtual machines run.
*Organization virtual datacenter – An organization’s allocated portion of provider virtual datacenter resources, including CPU, RAM, and storage.
*Provider virtual datacenter – vSphere resource groupings of compute, storage, and network resources that power organization virtual datacenters.
The following figure shows the vCloud Director abstraction layer in relation to vSphere and physical resources.
Figure 1. VMware vCloud Director Abstraction Layer