6. Consuming vCloud with the API : 6.1 Characteristics of the API : 6.1.1 Self Service APIs
6.1.1 Self Service APIs
These are typical operations performed by an end user who consumes cloud resources:
*Creating vApps and virtual machines.
*Power operations on vApps and virtual machines.
*Listing of resources available to the user.
*Managing the vApp lifecycle.
Typically users never see the administration side of the vCloud API and do not have permission to use it. They use the vCloud API for automated tasks and the graphical vCloud interface for daily tasks and operations. Independent software vendor (ISV) partners might write workflow applications to take advantage of reduced privileges and provide an interface to their customers on their custom portal. This prevents breaches from escalating to administrator privileges. The roles defined for users in the vCloud Director GUI are the same as those in the vCloud API when the same logins are used.