5. Creating and Managing vApps : 5.5 Updating vApps : 5.5.1 Changing a Virtual Machine MAC Address
5.5.1 Changing a Virtual Machine MAC Address
You can change the MAC address assigned to a virtual machine in a vApp. vCloud Director assigns a MAC address to all deployed vApps and virtual machines. Perform any modifications to assigned MAC addresses through the vCloud Director portal, API, or tools that use the API. If permitted on the virtual switch, you can alternatively edit the MAC address in the guest operating system. Prerequisites
The following are requirements for modifying the MAC address of a virtual machine:
*The virtual machine must be in a powered-off state.
*The user performing the action must have full control rights to the virtual machine. Use Cases
Use cases that might require changing the MAC address of a virtual machine include:
*Forcing new, unique MAC address creation for guest software licensing requirements.
*Preventing duplication of MAC addresses within a single network when virtual machine network connections are relocated during the lifecycle.
*Assigning a MAC address based on the current vCloud Director environment for imported virtual machines. vCloud Director MAC Address Reset Procedure
A new MAC address can be generated quickly for any virtual machine network interface within the vCloud Director portal.
To generate a new MAC address for a virtual machine network interface
1. Log in to the vCloud Director portal as a user with rights to target the vApp virtual machine.
2. Navigate to the target vApp.
3. Right-click, and select Open.
4. Open the vApp, and select the target virtual machine.
5. Right-click, and select Properties.
6. Switch to the Hardware tab, scrolling down to the NICs section, if necessary.
7. Determine which network interfaces require a new MAC address.
8. Click the drop-down menu with the MAC address.
9. Select Reset for each NIC requiring a new MAC address.
10. Select OK to activate the changes. vCloud Director assigns and configures a new MAC address within the virtual machine hardware.
11. Verify your changes by inspecting the Virtual Machine Properties NICs panel.