5. Creating and Managing vApps : 5.4 vApp Deployment Readiness : 5.4.3 vApp Validations
5.4.3 vApp Validations
vCloud APIs have no pre-built mechanism to automatically evaluate whether a vApp is ready to be uploaded to vCloud Director for consumption. One way to address this is to create a separate user, such as vApp Tester, who would be responsible for checking the validity and functionality of the vApp’s readiness. The flow of events could be as follows:
1. The user, vApp Author, creates the vApp to solve a problem or business case.
2. The vApp is passed on to vApp Tester. vApp Author and vApp Tester might have access to a separate, dedicated catalog. vApp Author uploads the vApp to the catalog and vApp Tester takes it for testing and validation.
3. After vApp Tester completes the functionality testing of the vApp and obtains the expected results, someone with appropriate credentials can upload it to a public or private catalog.
This is similar to the test and dev roles and responsibilities in a standard vSphere deployment.