9. Hybrid vCloud Considerations : 9.1 vCloud Connector
9.1 vCloud Connector
With the emergence of cloud computing, private enterprises must manage multiple vCloud instances, both private and public. Given these public and private options, ease of migrating workloads between vCloud instances becomes increasingly important.
vCloud Connector allows users to connect to vCloud instances based on vSphere or vCloud Director and manage them under a single interface. Through the vCloud Connector interface, users can view, copy, and operate workloads across internal datacenters and private or public vCloud instances.
vCloud Connector provides point-to-point reliable transfers between vCloud instances by using a checkpoint restart mechanism. If a transfer between nodes fails, vCloud Connector can restart the task and continue the copy from where it stopped, rather than having to start at the beginning of the file as required by a standard HTTP upload. vCloud Connector also uses HTTPS so that transfers are secure.
vCloud Connector is installed by vCloud administrators, but can be used by both administrators and end users to view and manage workloads. vCloud Connector is delivered as a virtual appliance with the UI instantiated as a Web Client.