7. Orchestration and Extension : 7.5 vCenter Orchestrator Examples : 7.5.1 vCloud Administration Orchestration Examples
7.5.1 vCloud Administration Orchestration Examples
The following examples highlight the value of vCenter Orchestrator to the vCloud system administrator. The following use case focus on infrastructure management and the resource provisioning process.
*A provider wants to begin working with a new customer. The main steps are to add a new organization, users (possibly from LDAP), networks, virtual datacenters, and catalogs. The provider might also want to schedule a recurring chargeback report for billing and send an email notification to tenants advising them that their vCloud environment is ready.
*A tenant requests additional external network capacity. The provider wants to automate the creation of the network, which includes name generation, identification, and allocation of available VLAN and IP address range, configuration of the network switch and vCloud perimeter firewall, creation of the external network in vCenter, and allocation of the external network to the tenant’s organization.