6. vCloud Metering : 6.1 vCenter Chargeback Manager : 6.1.2 Data Collectors
6.1.2 Data Collectors
vCenter Chargeback Manager integration with vCloud Director is handled through data collectors:
*Chargeback Manager data collectorConnects to vCenter Server to gather virtual machine metrics. Add all vCenter Servers imported into vCloud Director to Chargeback Manager to see virtual machine-level details. Virtual machines are absent in the vCloud hierarchies until their respective vCenter Servers are registered with Chargeback.
*vCloud data collectorConnects to the vCloud Director instance using the vCloud API and monitors all vCloud Director chargeback-related events. The vCloud data collector populates the Chargeback Manager database with vCloud hierarchies and allocation unit information.
*vCloud Networking and Security Manager data collectorConnects to vCloud-associated vCloud Networking and Security Manager instances to collect network statistics for networks included in the vCloud hierarchy.
Install additional vCloud Director or vCloud Networking and Security Manager data collectors on separate servers for increased availability. Multiple data collectors act in an active/passive configuration. When one instance terminates, the other instance takes ownership and starts processing. A Chargeback Manager environment can have multiple vCloud data collectors, but can connect to only one vCloud Director instance.