5. vCloud Resource Design : 5.10 Storage Independent of Virtual Machines : 5.10.2 Design Considerations
5.10.2 Design Considerations
Independent disk limitations and usage considerations are as follows:
*Only SCSI controller types are supported.
*The disk size counts against the organization virtual datacenter quota.
*If the class of storage is not specified, the organization virtual datacenter default is used.
*If you delete a virtual machine, the independent disk is first detached from the virtual machine.
*When exporting a virtual machine with an independent disk, the disk is not tagged to identify that its source was an independent disk.
*The following operations cannot be performed if the virtual machine currently has an attached independent disk:
*Clone vApp.
*Copy vApp virtual machine.
*Capture vApp to catalog.
*Move virtual machine.
*Change owner.
*When using the elastic virtual datacenter feature and allowing a provider virtual datacenter to span multiple clusters, it might be necessary to move an independent disk to a different datastore to attach it to a virtual machine in a different cluster. To avoid such a move, use the locality argument to create a disk in the destination cluster for the virtual machine (not necessarily on the same datastore).
*The scalability maximum for this feature is one independent disk per virtual machine up to the maximum number of virtual machines for vCloud Director.