5. vCloud Resource Design : 5.6 Networking – Public vCloud Example : 5.6.1 External Networks
5.6.1 External Networks
All service tiers use a shared public Internet connection. When establishing the external network, do the following:
*Map to a vSphere port group that is configured for Internet connectivity.
*Provide the network configuration details, including subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS.
*Reserve the static IP address range available for this network. vCloud Director automatically assigns IP addresses to devices directly connecting to external networks.
*Give the network a descriptive name, such as “Shared-Internet.”
For sizing purposes, create an IP address pool large enough to support Internet connectivity for all organizations in the vCloud. The estimated number of organizations for 1500 virtual machines is 25, so provide at least 25 IP addresses in your static IP pool. Each organization requires at least eight public IP addresses to allow inbound access to virtual machines.