5. vCloud Resource Design : 5.5 vCloud Networking : 5.5.6 Static Routing
5.5.6 Static Routing
Static routing support in vCloud Director provides the ability to route between network segments without using NAT and allows increased flexibility in implementing network connectivity within a vCloud environment.
Although most networks have a directly connected default gateway, it is possible for networks to have more than one route (for example, when using multiple interfaces on vCloud Networking and Security Edge devices). Static routing provides a way to manually configure routing tables so that traffic can be forwarded to these remote networks while still using the default gateway for all remaining traffic.
In vCloud Director, static routing can be configured at both the routed organization virtual datacenter network level and vApp network level.
*For vCloud Networking and Security Edge gateway instances that are connected to multiple external networks and organization virtual datacenter networks, routes can be applied on the entire vCloud Networking and Security Edge gateway or on any one of the external networks connected to the gateway.
*For vApp networks that are route-connected to an external network, the static routing configuration is simplified as routes are applied only on the external interface.