4. Resource Group Architecture : 4.3 Storage Resources : 4.3.2 vSphere Storage vMotion
4.3.2 vSphere Storage vMotion
vSphere Storage vMotion enables live migration of virtual machine disk files between and across shared storage locations. Relocating vApp disks is possible using the vCloud API or the vSphere Client if the following conditions apply:
*The target datastore is part of the same organization virtual datacenter as the vApp.
*All virtual disks for an individual virtual machine are migrated to the same datastore.
*The vCloud API is used to initiate vSphere Storage vMotion for linked clones to preserve the linked clone state.
CautionDo not invoke vSphere Storage vMotion migration of linked clones using the vSphere Client because doing so might cause undesirable effects such as the inflation of delta disks. A vSphere Storage vMotion operation involving a datastore and host might fail.