5. vCloud vApp Provisioning : 5.5 Workflow Overview : 5.5.2 Process VMs and Deploy vApp
5.5.2 Process VMs and Deploy vApp
This section starts by checking to see if the organization virtual datacenter network has been added to the vApp, and adds it if necessary. This allows for a later step to connect the virtual machine to the network.
Next, the workflow retrieves all of the virtual machines from the newly instantiated vApp and prepares a loop to process the virtual machines. After the loop has completed, the internal state of the vApp is updated and the outputs are set. Finally, the vApp is deployed.
The final step of the workflow is to deploy the customized vApp. This last part of the workflow uses the vCloud Director Library workflow Deploy a vApp. Deploying and Powering on the vApp applies the customizations to the guest OS as specified throughout the earlier parts of the workflow. This process can take 10–20 minutes to fully complete, so a Sleep box has been added to the end of the workflow to prevent the workflow from actually completing until the specified amount of time (15 minutes by default) has lapsed. This delay time is available as an input option to the workflow.