5. vCloud vApp Provisioning : 5.5 Workflow Overview : 5.5.1 Initialize and Instantiate
5.5.1 Initialize and Instantiate
As part of the Initialization process, the vApp name is checked for uniqueness. Each vApp must have a unique name within an organization. The Initialization scriptable task builds a list of vApp names that already exist in the organization. The requested vApp name is checked against this list to see whether it is unique. If the name already exists, a numeric value is appended and incremented until a unique variant of the requested name is obtained. After a unique vApp name has been identified, the vApp is instantiated.
When the vApp is instantiated, access to the child virtual machines becomes available. Access to virtual machine objects allows properties and settings of each virtual machine to be modified as desired. Keeping the virtual machines undeployed and powered off allows custom modifications to take place before the vCloud Director Deploy process applies customizations. This piece of the custom workflow uses the vCloud Directory Library workflow, Instantiate a vApp template.