3. Triggering Workflows with vCloud Notifications : 3.1 Prerequisites
3.1 Prerequisites
The notification package uses the following components:
*vCenter Orchestrator 5.1 Server.
*vCenter Orchestrator 5.1 Client.
*vCloud Director 5.1.
*vCenter Orchestrator vCloud Director 5.1 plug-in.
*vCenter Orchestrator AMQP 1.01 plug-in.
*vCenter Orchestrator Microsoft Active Directory 1.01 plug-in.
*vCenter Orchestrator Mail plug-in.
*Compatible AMQP Serve, such as VMware vFabric™ RabbitMQ™ 2.0 and later.
*vSphere 5.1 Server (Optional – UI alternative).
*vCenter Orchestrator Perspective plug-in (Optional – UI alternative).