3. Triggering Workflows with vCloud Notifications
3. Triggering Workflows with vCloud Notifications
vCenter Orchestrator fully supports responding to blocked tasks and notification messages with callbacks and callouts to external systems through vCloud Director, AMQP, and other product-specific plug-ins. This can be implemented using a combination of library building block workflows and custom workflows to accomplish the following tasks:
1. Configure the AMQP broker to route messages to a given queue.
2. Listen for incoming messages.
3. Consume the messages and extract relevant information.
4. Trigger workflows using the extracted information.
Figure 11. vCenter Orchestrator as a vCloud Director Extension
Screen shot 2011-07-15 at 9.24.14 AM.png
The vCloud Director notification package implements this mechanism, using workflows and policies that serve as a base that you can expand upon.