2. Auto-Scaling and Cloud Bursting : 2.4 The Upscaling and Bursting Process
2.4 The Upscaling and Bursting Process
This is the process as implemented by the Upscale and burst a vApp workflow, which allows the use of a mix of fixed, scale everything, and intelligent scaling modes:
*Fixed modeThe workflow allows you to scale a given tier without changing the other tiers.
*Scale everything modeThe workflow instantiates a new vApp when reaching the configured threshold of the maximum number of virtual machines for a given tier. If the values for maximum instances and minimum instances are equal, then the workflow scales everything for every upscale.
*Intelligent modeThe workflow can scale individual tiers, with some limitations. Scaling the application or database tier without changing the workflows requires the vApp to be designed so that the given tier is configured to automatically update and use a new virtual machine when it is added.