2. Auto-Scaling and Cloud Bursting : 2.3 Configuration : 2.3.5 Configuration of the vApp Template
2.3.5 Configuration of the vApp Template
When the virtual datacenters to burst to are in different organizations or clouds, replicate them, using one of the following methods:
*ManuallyUse the download and upload functionality in the vCloud Director user interface or the vCloud Connector application. The same vApp Template name must be kept. After the vApp template is replicated in all the virtual datacenters to burst to, instantiate the vApp (or deploy it in the vCloud Director User Interface), and delete the vApp Template it was issued from.
*AutomaticallyEnable the Transfer vApp Templates option. This requires sufficient disk space on the path set for downloading vApp Templates on vCenter Orchestrator Server. After a vApp template is transferred, other burst virtual datacenters under the same organization get a vApp template clone to avoid having to transfer again over the WAN.
Then edit the vApp properties using the following procedure.
To edit the vApp properties
1. Connect the virtual machines in the vApp to the appropriate organization networks.
2. Add the vApp to the catalog, keeping the same name.
The templates copied are tracked by name through the query service and then by the vAppTemplate identifier recorded in the vApp metadata.