2. Auto-Scaling and Cloud Bursting : 2.1 Prerequisites : 2.1.1 Auto-Scaling
2.1.1 Auto-Scaling
Auto-scaling is the act of dynamically adding local resources to a service in response to an increase in demand. This requires designing a vApp with the following characteristics:
*The vApp should have one to multiple tiers. The Tier 1 virtual machines likely require a connection to the load-balanced network. The vApp must have at least one virtual machine in each tier.
*The vApp should be designed so that each tier can grow without having to reconfigure the vApp virtual machine’s operating system and applications. The alternative is to customize the scaling workflow to reconfigure these.
*The different tiers can be part of the same vApp (distributed) or different vApps. Different vApps allow for the centralization of a tier. For example, the database can stay on the private cloud.
*The Tier 1 virtual machines in the vApp must use a static pool so that IP addresses can be gathered to add or remove members to the load balancer pools.