3. Services Automation Tools : 3.3 VMware vCloud Migration Service and Migration Manager Tool
3.3 VMware vCloud Migration Service and Migration Manager Tool
Customers who have an existing physical or virtual infrastructure and plan to migrate a large number of existing workloads to a private vCloud need a project management tool designed for that purpose. VMware Migration Manager supports large-scale migration projects.
Migrating existing workloads (physical or virtual) to a private vCloud is a process comprised of several important tasks:
*Identifying resources to migrate.
*Scheduling migration to fit resource availability.
*Defining workflow steps to get approval from various workload owners, project managers, and resource owners.
*Documenting steps to migrate workloads.
*Updating and communicating status of migration of workloads to project personnel.
There can be other processes involved during the migration of a workload to a vCloud. When there are hundreds of workloads to be migrated managing these tasks is not trivial and requires a project management tool. Based on years of experience with P2V (physical to virtual) projects, VMware defined a methodology and a service for performing workload migration. This service uses a project management tool, VMware Migration Manager, that uses the P2V methodology and helps manage the migration process flow. You can find more information about the P2V service from the datasheet (http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/services/consserv-p2v-accelerator-datasheet.pdf).