3. Services Automation Tools : 3.2 VMware vSphere Health Check Service and HealthAnalyzer Tool
3.2 VMware vSphere Health Check Service and HealthAnalyzer Tool
VMware vCloud is built on vSphere and it is important that the underlying infrastructure for a vCloud complies with the industry standard design guidelines for optimal performance. Over time, as the infrastructure is upgraded with new hardware and software versions, the infrastructure may become non-compliant with standard best practices, which can result in performance degradation in vCloud. To remediate these issues, it is recommended to periodically check the health of the vSphere environment against VMware design guidelines. VMware published a set of vSphere best practices and made them available through the vSphere Health Check service. The HealthAnalyzer tool automates data collection and parts of the analysis of compliance with best practices.
VMware HealthAnalyzer is fully supported by the VMware Partner Support team and is periodically updated with the latest best practice catalog, new features, and maintenance releases. A complete set of VMware HealthAnalyzer documentation is available from VMware Partner Central.
NoteA new version of HealthAnalyzer that supports a Health Check service for VMware View® environments is also available.