2. VMware vCloud Director Server Resource Kit : 2.3 CloudCleaner : 2.3.3 Leftover Entities
2.3.3 Leftover Entities
The following vCloud Director and vCenter screens illustrate the problem with leftover entities after vCloud Director is removed.
To view leftover entities
1. Display the vCloud Director UI.
2. Go to your organization. In this example there are four vApps and a few virtual machines in the organization.
3. On the Manage & Monitor tab, there are entities such as external networks, network pools, and so on.
If you uninstall and remove vCloud Director, and remove all of the settings and database, your vCenter Servers are left with of all these unneeded artifacts.
4. It is these entities that remain in your vCenter instances even after you have uninstalled and removed vCloud Director.
CloudCleaner cleans up these entities and puts your vCenter Servers back to a clean state. Then, the vCenter Servers can be used with; for example, a new version of vCloud Director.