2. VMware vCloud Director Server Resource Kit : 2.3 CloudCleaner : 2.3.2 How CloudCleaner Works
2.3.2 How CloudCleaner Works
CloudCleaner talks directly to vCenter Server and its ESXi hosts, so it can be run at any time, regardless of the state of vCloud Director. (In fact, CloudCleaner could be used by a vCenter Administrator as an easy way to clean up vCenter servers). It only uses secure connections, and will try to validate host credentials upon first connection.
CloudCleaner uses entity naming and placement on vCenter as the primary means of identifying which items were created by vCloud Director, as opposed to items created on vCenter directly by users. Specifically, it targets:
*Virtual machines.
*Resource pools.
*Orphaned datastore folders.
*vCloud Director ESXi host agents.
Due to the enormous number of entities potentially needing to be cleaned, CloudCleaner runs up to 2000 simultaneous tasks.
CloudCleaner is safe to use. It displays a preview of the items it selected for removal before making any changes to your systems. CloudCleaner is used internally by VMware development and QA teams to clean hundreds of systems every week.