2. Service Definition Considerations : 2.7 Applications Catalog
2.7 Applications Catalog
Supply a list of suggested applications and vApps that the private and public vCloud should provide to the consumers. The goal is to help consumers accelerate the adoption of the vCloud service. The vApp templates provided to the consumers can be compliant based on the security policies, and also must take license subscription into consideration.
Application workloads generally fall into the following categories:
*Transient – A transient application is one that is used infrequently, exists for a short time, or is used for a specific task or need. It is then discarded. This type of workload is appropriate for a Pay As You Go consumption model.
*Highly Elastic – An elastic application is one that dynamically grows and shrinks its resource consumption as it runs. Examples include a retail application that sees dramatically increased demand during holiday shopping seasons and a travel booking application that expands rapidly as the fall travel season approaches. This bursty type of workload is appropriate for an allocation consumption model.
*Steady State – A steady state application is one that tends to run all the time in a predictably steady state. This type of workload is appropriate for a reservation consumption model.
Table 10. Applications Catalog Example
Application Type
Application Description
Operating Systems
*Microsoft Windows Server.
*SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.
*Ubuntu Server.
Infrastructure Applications
*Microsoft SQL Server.
*Oracle Database.
*Distributed data management: VMware vFabric™ GemFire®.
*Web/application servers.
*Microsoft IIS.
*VMware vFabric tc Server.
*Apache Tomcat.
*IBM WebSphere Application Server.
*Simple n-tier applications:
*2-tier application with a web front end and database back end.
*3-tier application with web, processing and database.
*Enhanced 3-tier with added monitoring.
*Load balancer.
Application Frameworks
Business Applications
*Microsoft SharePoint.
*Microsoft Exchange.
*VMware Zimbra®.