2. Service Definition Considerations : 2.3 User Roles
2.3 User Roles
There are several user roles that apply to everyone who interacts with an enterprise vCloud service. Some roles are defined in the access model of the enterprise’s private vCloud service at the provider level and at the consumer level. There are also levels of privilege, granted to predefined roles, which have an important impact on how users interact with the enterprise’s vCloud service.
The following table provides a sample of the users and roles required for the enterprise vCloud solution.
Table 6. User Roles and Rights Example
User Role
Provider Cloud Administrator
One (minimum).
Highest-level enterprise vCloud provider administratorhas superuser privileges.
Provider Catalog Author
As needed.
Provider user who creates and publishes new catalogs.
Consumer Organization Administrator
One per organization.
Administrator over systems and users in the organization.
Consumer Organization Author
One or more, as needed.
Allows vApp and catalog creation but no infrastructure management.
Consumer Organization User
One or more, as needed.
Allows consumer organization user to use vApps created by others.